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Current Academies

  • Rayse Saima Mansoor 1

    Rayse RGF New Delhi

  • rayse murshidabad

    Rayse Murshidabad

  • Rayse new Delhi 1

    Rayse New Delhi

  • rayse kolkata 1

    Rayse Kolkata

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Our Academies

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    What We Provide

    The Academy

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    What We Use

    The Academy Infrastructure

  • How it Works
    • Small Room to accommodate at least 20 computers
    • Internet Access via Wi-Fi Routers, now widely available across South Asia
    • Electricity
      • Load shedding is a problem but not for us
    • Computer – Google Chromebooks
      • Battery life of 10+ hours
      • Computer charges whenever electricity is available
      • No hard disk, no problems with security and viruses
      • Everything runs on the internet: Google Cloud
    • 1 – 2 Coaches hired from the local community to oversee and guide class progress

    With 20 computers and in batches of 20 students, each academy trains 360 or more students per week.

  • What it Costs
    • $6,000

    Sponsors an academy with 20 Chromebooks

    • $300

    Sponsors a Chromebook, mouse, table, chair, surge protector, microphones, security locks and other necessary supplies

    • $120

    Sponsor a student for four years

    • $30

    Sponsors a student for one year

    $2.50 per month per student covers monthly room rental, electricity cost, internet cost, & coaches salary

  • Current Academies

    Current Rayse Academies train over 1000 students with just 80 Chromebooks and 8 Coaches.

  • Future Academies

    In the next few years, we are poised to launch dozens more academies in India, branch out to neighboring countries, and begin spreading our model across the globe.