Enabling Technology. Empowering Students. Enhancing Education Worldwide.

Rayse Academy leverages existing learning platforms via Google Chromebooks to improve access to education for children around the world. By exposing students to the endless information and ideas of the internet in a structured yet flexible way, we enable their well-rounded elementary education and strong computer literacy.

How it Works
Our 4 existing academies serve over 1000 students with just 80 Chromebooks and 8 coaches.

Our students use online education tools in two self-guided sessions per week, overseen by coaches in an academy space provided by an existing school. Our analytics team then collects data on student progress to gain insight on program efficacy and help coaches successfully guide their classroom sessions.

Rayse does not replace traditional school, but integrates into school curricula as an educational supplement specifically geared towards building employable skills.

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Our Partners & Resources

Our partners and the tools we use help us make an impact every day.

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